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Trees bring big benefits to Bloomfield

file0001911595878Communities gain long-term benefits from trees, from raising property values to significantly reducing storm water runoff. For a business district, the effects of trees can help their bottom line: visitors are willing to spend more in a commercial district lined with trees, which also increases their positive impression of the neighborhood. Trees also directly benefit health: several studies have directly linked trees in urban areas with healthier hearts and lower stress levels.

Bloomfield has the twelfth lowest tree canopy out of 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods, according to an assessment conducted in 2011. According to Jen Kullgren, Tree Pittsburgh’s Community Forester, “Bloomfield is the fifth hottest neighborhood in Pittsburgh when assessing overall surface temperature. A great way to cool the community is by planting trees throughout to provide shade during the hot summer months.

There are two ways to increase the number of trees in Bloomfield: plant trees on your property, or apply to plant a street tree in front of your home or business.

Bloomfield Development Corporation and TreePittsburgh have partnered to investigate options and interest in a private property tree program. If you are interested in hearing about updates as this program evolves, make sure to reach out and let us know you want more trees.

TreeVitalize, a state-funded program to increase the urban tree canopy, accepts applications from groups that include residents and commercial property owners, and will help cut and remove pavement, provide stakes, ties, mulch, and the trees. Currently, Bloomfield’s Mathilda Street neighbors have submitted an application to TreeVitalize, but they are able to add properties in Bloomfield to the application until June 1.

To apply for a street tree by June 1, or to let us know you’d be interested in a tree in your yard, contact Bloomfield Development Corporation at [email protected] or 412.681.8800.