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4568 Penn Avenue Meeting (Brewpub)

4568 Penn


1/25/18 Update: Owner/Operator Matt Hough closed on the building and is working to finalize plans before moving forward with the build out.

UPDATE: See resolution of support from the BDC Board of Directors.

See presentation and meeting meeting notes.

On Thursday, November 10, Bloomfield Development Corporation, Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, Lawrenceville Corporation and Lawrenceville United jointly facilitated a community meeting on the brewpub proposed for 4568 Penn Avenue. The owner, Matt Hough, presented his proposal for an 8,000 sq ft brewpub, restaurant, and private event space. Mr. Hough described his vision for a family friendly and community-focused brewpub and restaurant. Brewpub designation is a specific liquor license that means that an establishment can only sell beer and wine, and that a certain percentage of the beer served must be brewed on-site. The full kitchen would offer a simple, seasonal menu of wood-fired foods and would be open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and an event space with separate entrance would be on the lower level. Mr. Hough plans to reduce waste from the brewing process by recycling water and to limit truck traffic by not distributing the beer brewed outside of this establishment. Mr. Hough said he was in conversations to secure a nearby parking lot to provide spaces for customers, and that the street parking is ample in that area, which surrounding residents agreed with.

Slightly over 20 residents and business owners attending the meeting asked about specifics on car parking and bike parking. Following the presentation and continued discussion, attendees voted unanimously to support Mr. Hough’s brewpub, though some people were interested in hearing about plans to reduce negative aspects of a dumpster if it ended up in the alley behind the brewpub and others were interested in reserving a parking space for a bike corral.

The zoning hearing for the brewpub will be on Nov. 17, 9:30am at 200 Ross St. 1st floor, downtown. there will be a public comment period during that meeting, but those unable to attend may submit their letter or testimony in writing to [email protected].