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Bloomfield Saturday Market is Hiring

Bloomfield Development Corporation is hiring for the Program Coordinator in charge of the Bloomfield Saturday Market. Read and download the job description below:

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Shop Local!

At the end of an unprecedented year comes a holiday season unlike any other. Small businesses are taking a hard hit this year, and Bloomfield Development Corporation needs you to shop local. We’re rewarding you for supporting the small businesses that support our neighborhood! 

November 28-December 20 enter to win!

On Small Business Saturday, BDC launches Bloomfield Blitzin’ to reward customers for shopping in Bloomfield and Garfield.

Go shopping, take a photo or screenshot of your receipt, and send it to BDC.

Order takeout, buying groceries, clothes, or books, buy a gift card, anything! Then send a photo or screenshot of your receipt to

Every 3 receipts you send, you’re entered into a raffle to win a gift card to a Bloomfield or Garfield business. 

Want a bonus entry? Send us a picture of you with your purchase or with a business sign and tell us what you love about the place, the products, the owners, or the employees. We’ll share your picture and story on social media to encourage others to shop local.

The last day to send receipts is Sun., De, 20. On Mon., Dec. 21, and names will be randomly chosen and notified.

With more than $1,000 in gift cards ready to give away, each one a minimum of $50, odds are good you’ll be a winner. 

This promotion is open to EVERYONE, Bloomfield residents and non-residents alike.

Each entry or receipt needs to be from a different Bloomfield or Garfield business. Email entries to

Our thanks to the RK Mellon Foundation for making this initiative possible!

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Shur Save To Become Community Market

Shur Save's Future is Our Future
Picture of the front of Shur Save and the Pittsburgh’s Little Italy sign, with the Shur Save logo and the words “Shur Save’s Future Is Our Future” at the top.

Note: This piece will be updated as information is received.

Yesterday, July 6, 2020, Echo Realty, owners of the Shur Save grocery store and property, announced that Shur Save will be closing by the end of July. The owner followed the announcement with the news that the store will reopen as Community Market and will remain open during the planning phase of the eventual redevelopment of the property.

The Community Market store will be operated by Giant Eagle and will open as soon as possible. There will be a period when the store will be closed while the changeover happens, and the length of the closure depends on what permits may be needed. Community Market is reaching out to the current employees soon to discuss the transition.

Echo Realty has remained in contact with BDC this year and has been responsive to the needs of the community to retain a retail grocery. On a call in June with BDC’s Executive Director, the Echo Realty representative stated that “our number one priority for the site redevelopment is a retail grocery store.”

Below is the full press release from Echo Realty.

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Statement from BDC

After over four hundred years of racial injustice on this land, the time for a “conversation” about race in America is over. Now is the time for concerted action in support of racial justice. Bloomfield Development Corporation (BDC) fully supports and stands in solidarity with the protests occurring in Pittsburgh and across the country in response to the ongoing horror of unarmed Black Americans murdered by police officers in communities across our nation.

Pittsburgh has a long, painful history of police violence against Black citizens. During the mid-nineties, a series of murders by local police officers led to an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into the policies and practices of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, resulting in a lawsuit and eventual consent decree against the city in 1997. That same year, Pittsburgh voters responded by creating the Citizen Police Review Board through a successful petitioning campaign and ballot referendum. However, police violence against Black people in our region and city continues to this day. Over the past five years, the city has increased the police budget by nearly $38 million, an almost 50% increase, leading to the increased militarization of the police force. The ongoing protests in the city must be understood through this context.

Social change means a lot of things to a lot of people, but for a community development organization, it should mean disrupting systems of inequality and building new systems that allow everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. Pittsburgh has shown its inability to make progress on racial justice before. It must make drastic changes now.

BDC re-affirms its commitment and dedication to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community. We are constantly assessing our community process to ensure that it is accessible and equitable; we championed farmers markets as essential food access points for low-income families and worked to help markets in the county be able to open with on-site sales during the COVID pandemic. We celebrate Pittsburgh and Bloomfield’s Black-led organizations, such as True T (, Level Up (, and Few of a Kind Store (, that are creating spaces in the neighborhood and doing meaningful work for the community.

Over the coming days and weeks, BDC will assess how it can increase its support for the cause of racial justice with specific, tailored actions. We plan to engage in diversity and anti-racist training for our staff and board to uncover and address our personal and organizational biases. We are actively pursuing funding to extend this education to the community as well. We will apply a racial lens to every project and decision and build a public accountability structure. BDC also calls on residents of Bloomfield and Pittsburgh at large to examine and address their own biases, both conscious and unconscious, and to take action to fight racial injustice on an individual and institutional level.

BDC, its board members, and staff are supporting the protests by donating to 1Hood Media, a collective of socially conscious artists and activists who utilize art to raise awareness, and the Bukit Bail Fund, which has been posting bail for protestors incarcerated at Allegheny County Jail.  We also encourage residents and business owners to do the same and support local Black owned businesses by patronizing them or supporting the Pittsburgh Black Business Relief Fund through Inventrify.

Please also read Pennsylvania House Bill 1664, written by local State Representative Summer Lee, which would raise the bar on a police officer’s justified use of deadly force. If you agree with the bill, call your state representative and senator and express your support. Call Mayor Peduto and your city council member and implore them to support investments that improve racial equity, like affordable housing and public transit.  

Now is a time for white allies to listen to Black voices and to learn from them. Only then can we dismantle structural racism that has plagued our country since its founding.

Black Lives Matter. 

Neighborhood News

Neighborhood Businesses Bloom at the Saturday Market

The Bloomfield Saturday Market, a program of Bloomfield Development Corporation (BDC), reopens on May 18th with a new opportunity for Bloomfield businesses to grow their customer base. New this year, the Market will provide free space on a monthly basis to small businesses based in the neighborhood. This new initiative allows the Market, which operates out of a parking lot at 5050 Liberty Ave., to better support small businesses.

The Market attracts nearly 2,000 visitors every Saturday from all over the city and creates a community gathering space for Bloomfield residents. Over 40 vendors attend including farmers, local food producers, prepared food vendors, and crafters. In conjunction with West Penn Hospital/Allegheny Health Network, patrons have access to health and wellness education each week, including free flu shots in the fall.

BDC also collaborates with a number of other local nonprofits to provide special programming, including “Pet Day” and a monthly “Share Fair,” where neighbors exchange books, clothing, and household items for free. The 25-week season runs from May 18th to November 2nd, opening at 9:00AM and closing at 1:00PM, rain or shine.

Participating businesses will receive a free vendor space at the market at up to 2 markets. They can use the space to advertise to new potential customers, promote special events at their primary location, and connect with patrons from all over the greater Pittsburgh area in a friendly community festival setting. By attending the Market, businesses have the opportunity to grow their following by accessing a new customer base.

If you are a small business owner interested in attending the Bloomfield Saturday Market, please contact the Market Manager via email at for more information and details on how to apply.