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Bloomfield Residents

bloomfield rooftops photos

Bloomfield is a family-friendly neighborhood with homes that have been handed down through generations. On either side of Liberty Avenue compact row houses press up against sidewalks while a few short blocks away, ornate Victorian homes are set back from tree-lined streets.

Our neighborhood has one of the city’s most active business districts and is densely populated, making it easy for residents to walk a short distance to buy groceries, a cup of coffee, or a birthday gift.  Living in a walkable neighborhood means that our residents are more likely to get outside and interact with their neighbors, their banker, their butcher, and the waitress at their favorite restaurant. This interaction is what make a community, and it is one of the priceless benefits of living in Bloomfield.

Our Representatives

Bloomfield is represented on Pittsburgh City Council by Deborah Gross and Dan Gilman.

Deborah Gross
414 Grant Street, Suite 510
Pittsburgh, PA  15219
[email protected]

Dan Gilman
414 Grant Street, Suite 510
Pittsburgh, PA  15219
(p) 412.255.2133
(f) 412.255.0738
[email protected]

Our Magistrate

Anthony Ceoffe
4211 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Have a problem in the neighborhood?

Call the Mayor’s 311 line to report problems such as graffiti, garbage issues, or broken curbs.