Residents Toolkit

Homeowners, renters, bicyclists, budgeters, and everyday responsible citizens may not be aware of the many helpful public and private programs available to them. Looking for something that you don’t see here? Let us know in the survey at the bottom of the page.


Home Improvement Funding/low interest loans:

  • ABWK: minor to moderate repairs, A Brush With Kindness from Habitat for Humanity
  • PHRP: Pittsburgh Home Rehabilitation Program from URA
  • HELP: Home Emergency Loan Program from URA
  • Critical Home Repair: for low- to moderate-income homeowners

Home Improvement Free Services:

Home Improvement Services: Weatherization/Energy Efficiency:

Environmental Concerns:

All Residents

Financial Services:

  • IDA:  the Individual Development Account Program matches your savings to promote self-sufficiency
  • CARL: obtain mortgage financing and home rehabilitation financing in one loan
  • Mortgage Assistance Program: counseling to prevent against foreclosure
  • Financial Education Workshops: on budgeting, saving, and buying a home

Sanitation Services:

  • PGH.STFind out the next Trash/Recycle/Yard Pickup dates for your address
  • Accepted materials: for refuse/recycling from the Department of Environmental Services

Utilities Assistance:

  • LIHEAP: Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program from the Department of Human Services
  • Pennsylvania Hardship Program: Grants to help cover utility costs from the Dollar Energy Fund


  • Map: bike lanes and trails designed with the commuter in mind
  • Ride guide: advice and laws for cyclists in a comic book format

Vacant Lots:

  • Sideyard sale: claim publicly owned vacant lots adjacent to your property
  • Adopt-a-lot: how to put a vacant lot to good use – from legal aspects to project ideas


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