Visitor FAQ

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Do you accept tokens?

While we do accept tokens at our market, we are no longer selling them. We’ve replaced tokens with a receipt process.

How it works:

  1. You’ll choose items as you normally would with a vendor. 
  2. The vendor totals the amount that’s due for items sold on a receipt and provides you with the receipt. No goods are exchanged. 
  3. You then take your receipt(s) with the vendor’s name, as well as total due, to the Information tent. 
  4. Staff will process the payment and mark the sale as paid with a Bloomfield stamp.
  5. You then takes the receipt(s) marked “paid” back to the vendor. At this point goods can be exchanged.

We ask for a $1 donation with every transaction so we can cover our vendors processing fees so they don’t have to.

This program is made possible by Just Harvest.

Why did you stop selling tokens?

Tokens are extremely dirty and there’s no way to clean them without ruining them. Once the pandemic first started, market organizers and Just Harvest, were scrambling to think about how we can still offer EBT at the market without tokens. That’s when the receipt process was adopted. The receipt process already exists in Philadelphia markets so Just Harvest thought to adopt it to fill the gap of tokens in Pittsburgh. 

By the time other markets started to open in June/July, we were in the Green phase.  None of the other markets wanted to adopt the receipt process at that point since we were in the green phase. Therefore, tokens were reintroduced by Just Harvest.

It’s important to note that the Bloomfield Saturday Market has a lot more capacity than most other markets in the city, a paid almost full-time Market Manager position is somewhat unheard, unfortunately. Tokens are also a nightmare for internal reasons. They can take upwards of 10 hours of my time to ensure they’re being counted and tracked properly, more specifically it can take 3-4 hours to count all of the tokens after the market. The receipt process cuts that time down to only ~2 hours overall. That’s another huge reason why we adopted the process. 

If you have had a negative experience with this process and would like to advocate for bringing back tokens, please email

Do you accept EBT/Snap cards?

Yes! You can use them and partake in the receipt process that’s replaced tokens.

Every $5 spent in EBT you GET $2 in Food Bucks. Food Bucks are $2 coupons that can be spent directly on fresh fruits and vegetables or on any plant that produces a fruit and/or vegetable.

What can EBT/Snap buy?

Bread, Dairy, Fish, Fruits, Honey, Jams & Jellies, Meat, Poultry, Seeds, Syrup, Vegetables.

Just like the grocery store.

Why is there a line? What if I can’t stand for long periods of time?

We created the queuing line when redeveloping our COVID-19 site plan to ensure we could safely control how people were moving inside of the farmers market. It isn’t so much about the number of people that are inside of the market but more so about crowd control and line management. When you’re standing in line, you can see how some farm stands can get lines of 5+ people waiting. At that point, we hold the line so that we can let lines die down before adding to to them. We want to ensure that crowds aren’t forming and people can socially distance easily while walking around the market.

We have 2 alternative entrances available for anyone who may have difficulty standing in line.

  1. @ the corner of Gross St. + Liberty Ave. (look for the sign near the orange bike rack)
  2. @ the corner of S Winebiddle + Liberty Ave.

Are dogs allowed?

Pets are allowed. Please be mindful of where your dog is. Don’t let them go to the bathroom near vendor spaces or in the market.

Will _____ be at the market?

You can find our complete list of vendors here, or stop by the Market Information tent and just ask!

How do I get there?

The Bloomfield Saturday Market is located at 5050 Liberty Avenue, 15224, between Gross and S. Winebiddle Streets, in a large parking lot.

While there is street parking in the area, we encourage you to improve your health as well as the environment’s by walking, biking, or riding the bus to the Market. There is no parking in the lot where the market is held.

By bus: The bus stop directly in front of the market at the corner of Gross Street and Liberty Avenue is served by the 86 buses. The Port Authority of Allegheny County has the following routes that touch Bloomfield:

  • 54 North Side-Oakland-South Side: closest stop is one block away at Millvale Street
  • 64 Lawrenceville-Waterfront
  • 86 Liberty: stop is in front of Market
  • 87 Friendship
  • 88 Penn
  • 93 Lawrenceville-Oakland

By car: Street parking on Liberty Avenue is available in both directions; Additional parking is located at the West Penn Hospital Parking garage at the corner of Gross and Liberty and Millvale and Liberty (entrances on Gross AND Millvale Streets).