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Bloomfield 6/16 PDD and MovePGH Community Meeting

On June 16th Bloomfield Development Corporation and neighbors heard from the Department of Mobility & Infrastructure regarding two pilot programs possibly coming to Bloomfield.

PDDs, often referred to as sidewalk robots, are delivery robots designed to make local or “last-mile” deliveries. During the meeting, DOMI will provide an update on the proposed PDD pilot and answer questions neighbors asked during the April community meeting.

Mobility Hubs are places to connect between various transportation options. In this case, they will be acting as hubs for e-scooters and providing transit information as part of the MovePGH program (

Give feedback on the MovePGH Program and possible Mobility Hub locations in Bloomfield on the EngagePGH website:

MovePGH feedback here.

Bloomfield Mobility Hub feedback here.

Review the meeting recordings, slideshow, and notes below:

Watch the meeting recording on YouTube here

Neighborhood News

4808 Baum Boulevard Development Activities Meeting

On Monday, May 17th, Bloomfield Development Corporation held a Development Activities Meeting to give neighbors a chance to review the proposed development of a drive-thru carwash at 4808 Baum Boulevard. The meeting notes and presentation are below:

Neighborhood News

Bloomfield PDD Pilot Community Meeting

On April 22nd, 2021 the city’s Department of Mobility & Infrastructure (DOMI) presented their proposal for a pilot of Personal Delivery Devices (PDDs) in Bloomfield. PDDs are ground delivery devices (remotely operated, self-driving, or both) that can be used to make deliveries throughout the neighborhood.

Watch the meeting recording on YouTube

Neighborhood News

Bloomfield Mobility Principles

A photo of the pop-up workshop setup outside of Linea Verde Green Market on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield

Bloomfield Development Corporation launched our Mobility Principles project in early 2020 right as COVID-19 changed the ability to do community engagement in the traditional formats that we’re used to. Along with our partner Studio for Spatial Practice, we were able to hold multiple outdoor and socially distanced workshops along with online surveys to get public input. The final principles will help to guide BDC’s work and advocacy in creating a neighborhood transportation network that serves the needs of Bloomfield.

Neighborhood News

A message from Jen Saffron, owner of Sprezzatura

Farmers markets keep our community close even when staying six feet apart

From Jen Saffron, owner of Sprezzatura.

It was scary to me to start a business. I had a family to support.

I read in NEXTPittsburgh about a class New Sun Rising (NSR) was offering for anyone interested in starting a food-related business. I applied, was accepted, and spent one year learning how to run a business. After that year, NSR approached me to be a tenant in their building. Then, in 2016, I incorporated Sprezzatura. I had spent 2 years building up clients. During 2019, we built out our kitchen for catering and the cafe. We officially opened the cafe on November 30, 2019.

We are a woman-run business and some of us are single moms, too. People are excited about our food. What we cook is unique to our Italian heritage. You can’t buy it at a supermarket. 

It was shocking when we had to close the cafe last year at the beginning of COVID, especially financially our catering contracts and events dried up. All of my employees are part-time and some have health issues that made me really concerned about exposure to COVID. Their 1099 status made navigating unemployment and the PPP loan very challenging. Even through this difficulty, Sprezzatura has not seen a lot of turn-over because we have tried our best to take care of one another.

We aren’t people that come from legacy money, we’re fierce workers. We understand how our decisions affect our lives. I knew we could manage, we just had to figure out how. Fantastic community partners offered us contracts to cook for the underprivileged. We received a small grant and a small loan. The market and our takeout program are just a couple of the ways we pivoted to make sure we could stay above water.

My friend Darla told me to join the market, she said it is “the best.” And now, I see why. People who come to the market are looking for ways to create community and talk to the people who produce the food they’re buying.

The market has helped us develop an understanding of our business model and how we can better our products. It helps us understand what works and what doesn’t work. The market has offered us the opportunity to have person-to-person relationships, which is crucial to our brand. What we sell are relationships. The market gives you that direct relationship.

The only issue we’ve had at the market is not being able to hug our customers. That’s what we do, we hug. Customers bring us wine, tell us about their families, tell us about upcoming surgeries, you name it. We’re family.

The market has allowed us to have cash flow and a predictive business model. It’s allowed us to become much more refined and efficient as a business. It just helps us think through everything. 

The Bloomfield Saturday Market empowers small businesses like us.

Donate today to support the Bloomfield Saturday Market.

Jen Saffron

Visit Sprezzatura

P.S. Markets are a way for us to stay fed and connected. Donate to Bloomfield Development Corporation to support vendors like me.

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