Neighborhood News

Bread and Salt: “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine – and thou…”

– Quote from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Rick Easton first discovered the sublime pleasure of artisanal bread while traveling in Morocco and later learned that almost every European culture also understands what Omar Khayyám was on about when he wrote his famous poem.  If you’ve never quite grasped the meaning of The Rubáiyát, stop by Bread and Salt, Easton’s fine new bakery and … Read more

Tessaro’s: A Second Addition to a Bloomfield Tradition

By Carol Fryday, Bloomfield Development Corporation It’s a Friday night and the line at Tessaro’s is out the door. Inside expectant diners stand three deep at the bar waiting for a table while waitresses in black aprons skillfully navigate the crowd, serving those already seated at one of the booths along the wall. Despite the usual weekend … Read more

Brass, beat, and summer heat

By Carol Fryday, Bloomfield Development Corporation Though he’s best known for Pandemic, his long-running series of raucous dance parties, Bloomfield resident Pete Spynda, is now taking the festivities from the club scene to a number of outdoor, family-friendly venues. This DJ, concert promoter, and party-thrower, will be introducing an eclectic mix of world music to … Read more

Woolslair Elementary Moving Full STEAM Ahead

By Dave Breingan, Lawrenceville United A year ago, the future of Woolslair Elementary was uncertain. Pittsburgh Public Schools had recommended closing it, and although the school board rescinded the closure, parents and staff worried that this was only a temporary situation. Today, the outlook for the school is much brighter. Beginning in the 2015-2016 school … Read more

An alluring proposition

By Carol Fryday, Bloomfield Development Corporation It’s a cold, grey February day on Liberty Avenue, but you only have to step inside Allure, Ellen Levick’s warm and inviting boutique, to see the world in bold, bright technicolor. For over twenty-three years, this Pittsburgh artist has curated a multi-colored, multi-textured, and multi-cultural collection of women’s apparel … Read more