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Green Space

During planting, looking up Aloe from S. Mathilda. Many neighbors volunteered, even more stopped by to ask questions, and one specifically mentioned that the new street light makes her feel safer when walking at night.

Love Your (Resilient) Block Vacant Lot Transformation

In April and May 2017, BDC and a very involved neighbor worked with over 40 volunteers, TreeVitalize, and Department of Public Works to transform two vacant lots from illegal dumpsite into safe, storm water-retaining green space. The project was supported by a grant from Love Your (Resilient) Block, and through generous support of neighbors and community members.

Located at the corner of S. Mathilda and Aloe Streets, BDC and our hardworking volunteers:

* Designed the space (thanks to our pro bono landscape architect!) and the plant composition
*Planted 6 trees (thanks, Treevitalize!)
*Added new topsoil and compost
*Had a streetlight added (thanks, DPW!)
*Added 7 boulders (thanks again, DPW!)
*Planted approximately 600 perennial plants, all native species
*Added mulch and cut back knotweed
*Cleared much of the hillside dumping, including removing 7 tires

Love Your (Resilient) Block is a partnership between the City of Pittsburgh and People’s Gas to revitalize Pittsburgh – block by block. 

Before, in 2016 the vacant lots were used as construction staging and dumping ground.


On April 10 trees were planted in the area, including 6 in these vacant lots. New topsoil was spread and leveled as well.


Before the planting in early May compost was spread to give the plants and trees a boost.


Looking down Aloe towards S. Mathilda, prior to the final planting on May 13.


On May 13, the ground was hard in this area where trucks used to pull in to dump over the hillside. Planting the perennials took nearly 7 hours. Neighbors will keep a close eye on these plants, watering and pulling knotweed before it gets to big to allow the perennial’s roots to take hold.


On June 4, neighbors and volunteers returned to spread more mulch, plant a few more plants, and cut back the invasive knotweed.


After, a vast improvement!


Just a few of the 40+ volunteers who helped transform the space over three volunteer events.