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New Development

Bloomfield Development Corporation Community Process for Development

In response to an increase in development coupled with a historic lack of transparency around development processes at the neighborhood level, Bloomfield Development Corporation (BDC) has implemented a community process structure for review of development projects in Bloomfield. This process supports new development projects while encouraging meaningful community input on projects that affect the neighborhood.

This process applies to those:

  • Seeking a letter of support before presenting plans to the Zoning Board, Planning Commission, or the Contextual Design Advisory Panel (requires community meeting)
  • Seeking a letter of support for a new or transferred liquor license (requires community meeting)
  • Seeking a letter of support for new non-development related projects such as grant applications, project or program expansions, etc. (requires BDC meeting)


The EXTERNAL process is as follows:

  1. Send request for support letter to BDC at least 35 days prior to the requested deadline for receiving the letter.
  2. Discuss project with BDC staff in person (preferred) or via phone call
  3. Complete project information sheet provided by BDC staff and return
  4. Present the project to the community at the designated community meeting or to the BDC board of directors as appropriate (see above for required meeting type)
    1. Within the 35-day review process, BDC will work with the applicant to schedule a presentation at the most appropriate meeting
  5. BDC representative reviews community input and board resolution with developer
  6. BDC representative attends City hearing or commission to present letter


The INTERNAL process is as follows:

  1. Ad hoc Real Estate Committee and ED review support letter request
  2. ED meets with developer to review project
  3. Community meeting date, time, and location are set
  4. Staff creates meeting flyer and provides developer with project information sheet
  5. Staff notify the community of the meeting by:
    1. flyering at least 500 feet around the proposed development
    2. Posting flyers at Hallmark, Shur Save, Crazy Mocha, Starbucks
    3. Posting notice on social media to include Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter, BDC website, and to BDC’s email list.
  6. Presentation is made
    1. If to the community, BDC staff summarizes the community’s concerns and support/opposition of the project to BDC committee and board
    2. If to the BDC board, ED presents any information additional to the presentation.
  7. BDC board votes on a resolution to respond in one of 4 ways:
    1. Support
    2. Support with conditions
    3. Oppose
    4. No position
  8. A support letter will be granted upon a 2/3 majority vote in favor, with actual vote count noted and any areas of concern noted.
  9. ED or designated committee member contacts developer with outcomes of meeting and reviews copy of letter with developer prior to submitting to relevant authority or commission.
  10. Designated BDC representative attends hearing or commission meeting to present letter.